Personal Branding Q & A

1. What is a personal branding Photo shoot?

A personal branding photography shoot is for small business owners, entrepreneurs or creative that want to use high quality imagery to help build their brand and online presence. The photo shoot will be unique to you and your brand and will show your personality. As an entrepreneur you are the face of your business. Consumers want to connect with business owners on a more personal level, and often rely on making sure they find the right fit for them and their business. A personal branding shoot will give you that advantage over your competitors encouraging potential clients to click through and want to find out more about you, your brand and what it represents.

2. How much does a personal branding shoot cost?

Personal Branding shoot prices start from £600. For a half day shoot, including hair and make-up and all the fully retouched digital images.

3. When and where do we do the photo shoot?

I prefer to use mostly natural light for my personal branding photography sessions so I tend to shoot during the day on location in your home, place of work or in an outdoor location or hotel.

4. Will I have permission to share the images?

Yes, absolutely. You will receive an image licence to use the images to promote your business in the UK across social media platforms, your website and for other marketing purposes.

5. How will I receive my images?

Once the images have been fully retouched I will send you a gallery link where you will be able to view all the images and download them.

6. When will I receive my images?

It takes roughly 2 weeks for met to curate and retouch a beautiful set of images that best represents you and your brand. This way I can make sure the quality doesn’t suffer by being rushed had trying to meet strict deadlines.