West Sussex photographer


Pippa is a leading West Sussex photographer with over 12 years experience in all aspects of photography. Having learned her trade using film she quickly moved into the digital era, taking her knowledge from the darkroom with her. As you will soon see from her work, she sets a particularly high standard. She has worked on a number of big projects, including capturing state-of-the-art refurbishment projects at The Global Academy and Kings College London.

Working in partnership with clients such as Reds10 in London, as a local West Sussex photographer she has captured some wonderful interiors, buildings, construction projects as well as working on a number of personal and corporate branding projects. She also specialises in business contemporary business portraits and headshots.

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An avid coffee drinker, walker and lover of art and crafting Pippa also has a creative flare and pours creativity into her family and baby portraits which can be found on her family website. www.pippathompson.com

She enjoys cooking, baking and painting among her many other talents.

West Sussex photographer
West Sussex photographer


Married to a Hungarian from Transylvania, Pippa has had a unique opportunity to explore it and has fallen in love with both the landscape and the people there. She has a personal project of photographing the dying way of life in Transylvania as it becomes more westernized. She and her husband and two children aged 4 and 6 travel back to Transylvania regularly to continue her work.

South African by birth, she also relishes in the heat and smells of her homeland and enjoys regular trips to this country which is tricken with drought and political turmoil after apartheid ended.