Autumn Family photoshoot.

Autumn Family Photo shoot

The leaves start to fall, crispy crunchy shades of brown, red and green. The nights get darker, and the light begins to dance through the trees. The perfect backdrop for an amazing autumn family photoshoot!

Autumn photographs look amazing in any family home as they bring in the beautiful colours of the outdoors. When styled right that can look stunning!

Here are a few top tips on making sure your Autumn family photos look incredible.


Firstly choose your location, there are some really beautiful locations on our doorstep. The Ashdown Forest, local lakes and Sheffield Park are a few of mine. Maybe you have a location in mind, a local park which is special to your family or which has vibrant foliage? I find the weather in Autumn is usually pretty good, with bright days and an icy chill in the air.


When choosing what to wear for an autumn family photoshoot think lovely natural warm colours. Browns, creams, golds and yellows work really well! I would recommend wearing something you are going to feel really comfortable in but will also look nice and cosy in photos! Think smart but casual, something that represents you as a family and your personalities. If you are comfortable and relaxed in photos it really comes across and can change the whole feel of a photograph. Don’t choose anything too busy, or clothes that will clash, keep it plain simple and relaxed.

Time of day.

To get the best photographs outdoors the best times for the soft autumn colours are early morning or late afternoon/evening depending on sunset. The light is much softer and richer making colours more vibrant and giving beautiful depth, shape and texture. Of course, any time of day can work as I have lots of tips and tricks to make the best use of all the available light to ensure the photographs are all rich and beautiful.


Props can be really fun and can create fabulous photos! We have so many within nature, gorgeous trees, leaves, pine cones, etc. Some families like to bring props along with them such as apples, pumpkins, wreaths, etc. Props can help tell a story and accentuate your family’s personality. Equally, no props and no fuss are just as gorgeous.

Above all, I adore working with individual families to create the images that they are looking for. This will look different for each family. I love working together to ensure that you are happy, have a fun family experience and that the images we capture tell your story. This ensures you will have memories that will last and images to remind you of that moment in time.


Here is some inspiration for you.

Autumn Family Photoshoot

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