Newborn FAQ’s

How old does my baby have to be?

Ideally I prefer to photograph newborns within the first two weeks after your baby is born. I find that babies this age are more likely to sleep and are more easily put into the cute poses that enable beautiful portraits however if your baby has already been born and is older it is still possible to get a mixture of the sleepy poses and some awake ones provided your baby is settled on the day.

How long is a newborn shoot?

A newborn shoot takes 3-4 hours to allow time for feeds, nappy changes and to ensure that your baby is settled and asleep for those beautiful sleepy baby images. The shoot is very much lead by the baby.

What if my baby doesn’t sleep?

It is very rare that a baby will not sleep for a newborn shoot, I have photographed 100’s of babies and have only had 2 or 3 that refused to sleep. If a baby won’t settle, it is usually due to trapped wind or an upset tummy or sometimes babies are more alert the day of the shoot. If we can’t get the images we want, then I will suggest that you come back on another day when your baby is likely to be more settled and any wind etc has passed.

What time will my newborn shoot be?

I find that babies are more likely to sleep and be settled in the mornings so my newborn sessions start at 10am.

My baby was born prematurely are they too small?

If your baby was born prem then the window to get those sleepy poses is a little bit bigger and we can photograph them when they are closer to three or four weeks depending on how prem they were.

What happens if my baby comes early?

I always keep a day or two each week free so that I can accommodate any babies that come early or late.

Do you offer newborn shoots on the weekend?

Most of my newborn shoots are done during the week while dad is on paternity leave. This is because my weekends tend to get booked up with family and weddings however if you have siblings that are at school or dad is not taking time off then we can work around this.

What should we wear for the family and sibling images?

Once you have booked in your photoshoot, I will email you a guide of how to prepare and what to wear.

Who will settle my baby?

Most of the time the baby will feed and settle with you. Very occasionally the baby won’t settle with mum because they can smell your milk in which case dad or I will help with settling the baby.

What precautions are you taking because of Covid 19?

Hand Hygiene – Regular hand washing and or hand gell will be used throughout the session.

Protective wear – I wear a face shield and an apron that gets washed and or cleaned between each session.

Cleaning – I have limited sessions in the studio to newborn sessions only and have a day between sessions to deep clean and air out the studio between sessions.

Limited handling – A newborn shoot is very hands on as I hold and pose the baby however I am limiting how much I need to do this, babies will be dressed and wrapped so there is less skin to skin handling.