Top tips for planning your baby’s nursery

Making sure you have everything you need and that everything is going to be perfect when planning you nursery can seem overwhelming. With this in mind I wrote down my top tips for planning your baby’s nursery. I hope this helps keep it simple for you.


When planning your baby’s nursery and if you have a choice, choose a quiet room close to your bedroom so that you don’t have to go far to feed your baby for those night-time feeds. Remember to think about the temperature in the room, if it is a chilly room make sure it has adequate heating, and if it is warm make sure it has enough ventilation. Having it close to your bedroom will also give you peace of mind, as you will be able to hear your baby when they wake. Make sure it has a window to let in some natural light during the day but also think about how this will affect nighttime. If there a street lamp outside you will probably need blackout blinds.


Incorporate the style of your home into the nursery. Is your style traditional, contemporary or eclectic – maybe it is a combination? It is important that you your own personal style into the room as you will be spending a lot of time here with your baby. You want it to suit the rest of your home or you will tire of it and get board of it more quickly. You don’t want it to look out of place.


There is so much gorgeous nursery furniture and soft furnishings available it is easy to over do it and fill the room with too much clutter. Keep it simple and choose one item early on to be a point of focus – this can be a focal piece of furniture or artwork. Choose neutral a neutral backdrop that can be updated easily by adding new soft furnishings in the future. Age appropriate accessories like soft toys and teddy’s add a nice touch but you don’t need too many. Remember that friends and family will probably gift you some of these closer to the birth.


Pinterest is a great way for creating a mood board and finding things that you like. It can give you ideas on themes or colours or just the look and feel of the furniture you want in there. Do you want a wooden look, vintage style or maybe a clean white modern feel? Look through baby magazines and sign up to receive the catalogues from all your favourite shops. All together this will help you choose your colours and style as well as give you ideas on where you can buy things to suit it.


Consider using colours that are relaxing and that will keep you calm and comfortable. Babies don’t need a lot of stimulation so having a space that they can easily fall asleep in is important. Keep it tranquil and neutral with muted tones of the colours you like. When your baby gets older you can add some of the more colourful thing that he or she likes. For now this space is about you being relaxed with your baby to help them feel supported and calm. The calmer you feel the more your baby will feel that too.


Think about the safety of the room. Have you put socket covers on any exposed plug sockets? Make sure that your cot and mattress are protected by industry standards and have come from a reputable supplier. Be careful when using soft furnishings not to have too many in the cot. Make sure that the cot is positioned away from windows, heaters, laps or cords and cables.


Making sure that the key furniture pieces are adaptable for when your baby grows is key in helping with saving on costs. Make sure the cot can become a cot bed etc. If you select your furniture first and then design the room around it, it will be much easier to match the soft furnishings around the furniture or match paint that works with the cot bed than the other way around.


Make sure your nursery is practical. This can be harder than it looks. Consider where your changing table is and where you will store your nappies, wipes and clothing for those inevitable accidents. You don’t want to have to leave your baby unattended on the changing mat while you fetch a spare onsite in case the roll over. Make sure you have a good nappy disposal system – and be prepared to have to empty it regularly.


If you are looking for inspiration for your nursery – here are my go-to shops…