What is Hypnobirthing?

What is hypnobirthing? Jade Edwards from Embrace Hypnobirthing answers our questions on hypnobirthing.

I am sure every woman wants a calm and special birthing experience. We

What is What is Hypnobirthing? Who can use it and how it can help.

hear so many of the horror stories but very rarely do we hear about the amazing calming experiences where women feel in control of their births. Some women use hypnobirthing to achieve that calm and magical birth that every woman dreams of.

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a technique, which consists of relaxation, breathing techniques and guided hypnosis. The techniques can help relax, and many women have said it has helped with a drug free birth.

Who can use Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is for ALL births. Whether you choose to have a home birth, hospital birth, c- section or free birth, you can use Hypnobirthing to stay in control mentally and stay calm even if your birth doesn’t go the way you plan it to.

How might it help with fear of birth or anxiety around the unknown?

A hypnobirthing instructors aim is to show you how to be fearless not fearful. Fear really does have a cascading effect on your body, and during labour fear is not our friend; whereas millions of years ago fear would have been our friend when running away from a sabre tooth tiger, triggering our fight or flight response. In today’s society we don’t have many of those running around and we cannot run away from labour.

How can it help with a positive birth?

During labour we want as much blood and oxygen as possible going to that amazing uterus of ours to support our contraction/surges. When the fight or flight response is triggered by fear, any blood supporting our uterus is taken away to help our extremities such as our arms and legs to fight or flight (run away), and this can slow labour down or even stop it; which we don’t want!

Will it work for me?

Our brains are amazing things and fear can be stored in our conscious as well as our subconscious minds. Have you ever woken up from a nightmare hot, clammy, sweaty, fearful, with an increased heart rate and overly scared? Well did you know our brains cannot differentiate between a threat that is real or false? This can be applied again to labour. You may not feel overly negative or fearful about birth but negative memories stored in your subconscious mind can and will have an effect on your body. These can be memories stored from how birth is perceived in the media, on TV shows (women usually screaming on their backs with an unhelpful birthing partner – promise you will not watch one born every minute, pleeeeeease!), negative birth stories from friends or family members and overall a lack of education around the beauty of birth taught during our school life (and I say that as an ex primary school teacher too!). So when our amazing bodies start going into labour, our brains try to grab the most similar memory we have of it to put it into perspective and to understand it, and if those memories or subconscious thoughts are negative, then you’ve got it! Fight or flight response kicks in and our body tries to save us; although what it is actually doing is the complete opposite. I could go into more detail here but I don’t want to plough you with too much information; but in an instance like this, where this response is triggered, can be where women experience intense pain during labour.

Why choose a reputable course with a qualified instructor?

I am passionate about giving you all of the tools you need to have the positive birth that you want! I work with individual families to give you the tools and techniques needed for your own journey. I am a qualified hypnobirthing instructor and have birthed my own babies. I am committed to helping mothers have a birth that is positive, calm and relaxed, trusting their own bodies capabilities.

What others say about hypnobirthing.

“ I used hypnobirthing with both of my births! I planned a home birth and ended up going to the hospital and had a c section with my second. With all of my births, I used the skills that I had learned from hypnobirthing and this enabled me to stay calm, in control and mentally prepared. I am so pleased that I did Hypnobirthing, as it taught me to trust my body and even when things didn’t go according to my plan I used hypnobirthing to relax and stay calm.”

A massive thank you to Jade who has answered our questions and if you would like to reach out to her you can find her at jade@embrace-hypnobirthing.co.uk

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